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1/2 lb lost

Since Sept. 1st, I've now lost 10 lbs (and I also have my period right now too!).  It can't be water weight, because I drink it all the time (minimum 3L).  Needless to say, I'm estactic about it.  I plan to keep it up until I reach my goal of being Fit & Thin.

Stay strong!

Song of the day

bye bye meat

Both Kenneth and I want to be healthier so last night we saw the film "Forks over Knives" and we decided to become vegetarians, with the exception of seafood (which we always get the wild fish, never the farmed crap).  It shouldn't be too hard, seeing as how I've switched over to almond milk and so has he.  No more cheese or yogurt?  Done.  We almost never buy them anyway. We've never bought pork because we have no idea how to cook it.  As for the rest of the red meats?  Rarely purchased.  Our freezer is full of chicken and fish.  I can do without the chicken but we're both hesitating on the seafood because he loves fish and I love sushi.  We'll see how goes...

  1. Cut out all red meat, dairy and eggs (the eggs are going to be hard since I LOVE eggs).  Rest is easy as we've already pretty much cut them out .
  2. No more than one glass of wine at family dinner (moi).  During the week, neither Kenneth nor I will buy alcohol for us so should be easy.
  3. Complex carbs only i.e. whole wheat pasta, breads, rice, legumes, beans
  4. No processed foods i.e. sugar (we use stevia already).
That's pretty much it.  We'll reevalute the seafood thing after we get through this list.  The only hard thing for me will be the eggs, but we both want to switch over to a plan-based diet.  And groceries are so much cheaper when you're just buying fruits and vegetables!  Our bill last night was only $60, whereas it used to be around $200.

Anyhoo, wich me luck!


I've lost 8.5lbs since September 1st. 

Sep. 13th, 2011

Holy shit, I was just going through some old photos (2008) and I was in some of them and I never realized how GOOD I looked back then.  All I can remember was how much I hated my fat flabby stomach and that I was a giant amazon woman besides my size 4 and zero friends.  I am more than determined to be a size 8 again grrrr

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Am hungry as didn't eat dinner but there is no way that I'm going to date the fridge tonight. That is the difference between the Fats and the Skinny...Skinnies don't as much as the Fats, period.

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current mantra

I may be hungry now but I'll be thin tomorrow.

I bought a Goal dress tonight. It fits around the waist but my chest is too big for it. I am determined to fit into that dress by Oct.31st.

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Sep. 11th, 2011

I'm so hungry. I had a bowl of chili and three glasses of white wine for dinner. Oink oink

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I just started this yesterday, but I'm having dinner earlier (around 6) and then not having anything with calories afterward (can have diet coke, water, etc). I also wrote down the entire Hunger Scale on my phone and am following that.

Right now I'm starting to feel a tiny bit hungry, but it's a normal part of losing weight so I MUST STAY STRONG.

3.5 hours down, 1.5 to go

Woke up this morning and did a bodypump class, which was awesome. Am getting used to waking up at 5:15 now. Unfortunately, that means going to bed at 10 but if this means that I won't cry at my New Year's Eve and wedding photos, and in fact, will be proud of the way I look in them, then it's going to be WORTH IT.

Was soooo tempted to get an egg mcmuffin, but I thought about how I would feel afterward (gross, fat, like a failure, etc) so I had my usual breakfast instead (slice of rye, laughing cow, egg white, fruit salad). Go me!